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Dem' Nutz

Customized Gift/Sample Set

Customized Gift/Sample Set

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Dem' Nutz are the perfect snack for any occasion. Made with only the finest ingredients, our nuts are roasted to perfection and packaged in a convenient, easy-to-carry sack. Whether you're looking for a quick snack on the go or something to share with friends, our Dem' Nutz are sure to please.

Give the gift of a Dem' Nutz Gift Set to yourself or someone. It comes with a customizable nut sack that you can put any name or phrase! The sack is 8" wide x 10" tall. You get all 3 flavors of our signature nutz (honey glazed walnuts, honey glazed pecans and spicy honey walnuts) and a stress nutz to squeeze.

Examples of customization includes: Name, My Big Nut Sack, Dad's Nut Sack, Love My Nut Sack, Hold My Nut Sack, My Ex's Nut Sack, etc. Let your creativity come to life with the customization. Maximum 10 characters for the name or phrase on the top line. 

For a corporate logo customization, please check out our Corporate Nut Sack Gift Sets option.

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